• The Power of Systematic Investing

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    It's all about the C's

    The power of systematic investing

    Dollar cost averaging is a way to build your portfolio steadily by investing a fixed dollar amount at regular intervals.  By investing on a set schedule, you develop discipline that can help you be a better long-term investor.  Plus, investing systematically lets you buy more shares when the price is low and fewer shares when the price is high.

    It's all about the C's:

    Once you decide on a fixed dollar amount to invest on a systematic basis, you've taken procrastination out of the equation.  And since you don't have to think about it month to month, you can cross several savings goals off your to-do list.  It's built-in discipline.

    Each month, regardless of market movements, you are accumulating shares continuously and consistently.  This helps take the emotion out of investing and eliminates the worry of trying to time the market.

    You can systematically invest in mutual funds, annuities and even individual stocks.

    Dollar cost averaging can help you focus on what you can control - investing a set dollar amount on a regular basis - rather than what you can't - volatility in the market.

    Systematic investing does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.  Such a strategy involves continual investment in securities regardless of fluctuating price levels of such securities.  The investor should consider the financial ability to continue the purchases through periods of low price levels.

    We make it easy:

    • Just give Jon written authorization to enroll - and remember, you can change or stop the program with just a phone call.

    • We do all the record keeping for you.

    • We offer a convenient and complimentary service that allows you to transfer funds electronically between your eligible Edward Jones accounts, as well as to and from your accounts at other financial institutions.

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