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  • Candidate Forum
    Tuesday, March 12
    Germantown Village Hall

    Yearly after the Primary and before April Election

    Citizens are allowed to submit questions for the candidates of all the contested races.

    Participation is not mandatory for the candidates.

    Forum is moderated and is not a debate.

    Links to the Forum online

    Please be aware these links were a few of the opportunities
    to see the candidates, which also included in person and 
    via the Germantown Cable Channel
    Each option will have different sounds and picture quality
    as they were not taken from the same vantage point

    4:30-5:00 - County Board Supervisor

    School Board - Zoom - Passcode: $cY.F8xw
    School Board - Facebook Live

    Village Trustee - Zoom 
    Passcode: +n4rshG^
    Village Trustee - Facebook Live
    School Board & Village Trustee - Village YouTube

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  • Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce Bylaws
    Section 3. Limitation of Methods: The Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce in its activities shall be non-partisan, non-sectional, non-sectarian and shall take no part in, nor lend its influence directly to, the election of any candidate for federal, state, county, or local government office.

    The Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce does not endorse any candidates. This Forum is being offered as an informational opportunity to our members and the community.

  • The Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce
    is sponsored in part by the Village of Germantown Tourism Commission